When are we finally done with the Syrian refugee crisis?

On Thursday, the Trump administration said it would begin moving refugees to the U.S. from other countries in the Middle East.

The move follows President Donald Trump’s executive order to block entry to Syrian refugees for 90 days. 

The Trump administration on Thursday said it will begin moving Syrian refugees to U.L.G.I.E. refugee camps.

Trump ordered the refugee ban, which temporarily barred Syrian refugees from entering the United States for 120 days, on Jan. 27, 2017.

Trump said at the time that he was targeting « radical Islamic terrorists » and refugees. 

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U,L.L.’s plan was to take in a maximum of 100,000 Syrian refugees, but he would not specify a specific number.

He also said he would wait to see what Trump orders from the incoming administration.

« We’re going to see.

We’re going take the best of the best, but we’re going do our best to keep the U.,L.l.g.i.E., resettlement process, in place, » Tillerson said on CNN’s « The Situation Room. »

The State Department said in a press release on Thursday that the U ,L.g .i.e. refugee resettlement program would expand to 120,000 Syrians by Jan. 2019, including more than 2 million refugees from Syria. 

Tillerson told CNN that the number of refugees being resettled would be dependent on the political situation in Syria and other nations in the region. 

« We’ll have to see how that evolves in the next 90 days, » Tillerson told CNN.

« We don’t know what the political circumstances are.

But I don’t think the numbers that we’re looking at today are going to change.

And so I’m going to take that as a given. »

Tillman said that he would be willing to expand the resettlement program if the United Nations Security Council agreed to resettle 100,001 Syrian refugees.

However, there has been no official response from the United Nation’s refugee agency. 

President Donald Trump said in an interview on Wednesday that he ordered the Syrian refugees ban, citing his concern that the Syrian government was using the refugees as human shields to attack the United Kingdom.

He said he was not seeking to impose a travel ban on the United Arab Emirates, which is home to more than 100,00 Syrian refugees and is not on the list of countries on the U .

L. g .i .e .i.

« Trump said he « ordered a ban on Syrian refugees because I thought they were going to be used by ISIS as human shield » and that he wanted to prevent « a horrible humanitarian catastrophe » to the region from happening. 

On Thursday, Trump said he is not planning to impose any restrictions on refugees from other Muslim countries, such as Iran and Iraq.

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