How much does it cost to play in the NFL?

We know that playing for an NFL team costs a lot of money.

But does it actually cost a lot more than we think?

We took a look at the numbers, and the numbers say yes.

And the numbers also show that a lot less than we thought.

The NFL does have some very compelling reasons for the high costs.

The first is the money.

The league charges players between $3 million and $5 million per year to play for the team they support.

That figure doesn’t even take into account the team’s cap space, which is often far larger than the average salary for players on the active roster.

The average NFL team is expected to spend over $100 million on players this year, with the salary cap projected to be around $140 million.

The cap for the 2016 season is $144.1 million, according to Spotrac.

But the real cost of a full-time NFL player is far greater than that.

According to a study published by Sports Illustrated, players who play for a team with a $5-million cap charge an average of $16,848 per season.

And that number jumps to $25,000 per season for those who sign a three-year contract, and $27,500 per season on a five-year deal.

For teams like the Steelers and Cowboys, that figure is closer to $40,000.

If a team has a roster of five players, a team-wide salary cap would amount to a staggering $62 million.

That’s more than 10 percent of the entire team’s annual payroll.

That’s why teams that spend more than the league average have a vested interest in keeping the player on the team.

But the real question is whether the salary is worth it for players who aren’t earning enough to pay the bills.

The answer depends on how much money a player is earning.

If a player makes more than $4.5 million, they have a guaranteed base salary of $2.6 million.

If they make more than that, they’re guaranteed $6 million, a figure that rises to $8.5 with each additional year they play.

That means players like Terrell Suggs and Jason Witten have been making significantly more money than the NFL’s average salary cap charge for their years on the field.

But those players’ guaranteed salaries are far higher than the $4,500-per-year average for their respective positions.

For a full roster of players, the average annual salary cap for a full season is around $13 million.

So the Steelers would have to spend more money per player than the Cowboys and Steelers combined.

That means players that are signed for less than $3.5 to make a full team would likely get a higher salary than a player that earns more than three times the league-average salary.

So players like Antonio Brown, who made more than half of the league’s salary cap last year, would probably get a lower salary than players like Jason Witte and Terrell Jackson.

But even those players with very good contract offers, like Le’Veon Bell, could make far less money playing for a mediocre team.

According the Elias Sports Bureau, Bell made a base salary in 2017 of $12.9 million.

And while Bell made the league minimum in 2018, he still earned more than his average salary in 2020, when he signed a six-year, $125 million deal with the Steelers.

Bell, however, was a top-five pick.

While the average rookie salary of a player in the 2017 NFL Draft was just over $4 million, Bell’s $20 million deal would have been worth much more than any rookie player’s average base salary for a season.

Bell’s salary would have also been higher than any other NFL rookie that year.

The next highest rookie salaries earned were the Bengals’ A.J. Green and the Jaguars’ Blake Bortles, who each made between $6.5 and $8 million.

While it’s true that players who signed a five year contract were earning more than what their NFL team paid in 2017, those players only played for teams that made the playoffs, meaning their contracts were far less generous than what most rookies receive.

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