NFL owners say they’re ‘not willing to go anywhere’ in effort to avoid lockout

Owners of NFL teams are threatening to pull out of the lockout unless the NFL’s owners agree to a plan to ease the labor dispute, a source with knowledge of the situation told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

A source told Schefter the owners’ leaders have not agreed to a « credible » deal to resolve the long-running labor dispute.

That means the NFL owners would have to make a change in their ownership structure to meet the labor demands of players and the league, the source said.

The owners have been reluctant to give in on any concessions.

The NFL Players Association and other players have demanded that the league negotiate a contract that would allow the league to restructure its labor contracts.

If that is not possible, the NFL would have no choice but to pull the plug on the entire season, the sources said.

The league is in a precarious position, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

This would require the NFL to have to give up more than a share of the league’s revenue, but if that were not the case, there would be no reason for the owners to agree to that, the league source said, adding that the NFL is willing to do everything it can to resolve this matter peacefully.

If the owners cannot agree on a reasonable agreement, the owners could simply say they are not willing to move forward, the player source said on the condition of anonymity because the negotiations are still ongoing.

The league has already agreed to hold a news conference with the union at 3:30 p.m.

ET on Monday.

The union has been seeking a resolution to the labor negotiations for years, but a lockout is not the answer, a union source told ESPN last week.

It is possible the owners would agree to make some concessions if the NFL were to agree on any kind of compromise, the union source said Sunday.

The players have said the lockout would lead to players having to take their pay cuts and potentially be forced to retire early.

The players are asking for a minimum wage increase of $15 an hour, the release from the union said.

The collective bargaining agreement between the players and NFL allows the players to negotiate salaries up to that amount, but they have asked for a raise to $20 an hour.

They have been demanding a 10 percent raise, with the NFL, the players union and the NFL Players Organization agreeing to a proposal that would give them an increase of 10 percent.

The NFL has said it has agreed to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by the start of the 2018 season, but that it would be paid out of a tax-advantaged fund that would not be available to players.

The owners have agreed to pay the players 10 percent of their salary, but have not yet agreed on how much.

The current minimum wage for players is $9.25 per hour.

The proposal would give the NFL players the option to make up that difference through their players’ share of a share-of-the-skins-market tax.

The owners want the owners in the middle to agree, so if that is possible, they would be willing to make concessions if it was a reasonable solution, the person said.

That would allow them to end the lockout.

If not, the sides could reach an agreement that would address their differences, the people said.

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