How to deal with the fallout from the PMI report: What you need to know

The latest round of data from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is out, and it has the Mise à Disposition of Ressource(MAD) number on it.MAD is a broad term for the number of health and safety violations the NIOSH has deemed to have occurred during an occupational exposure, and is not directly comparable to the number that were reported by employers.

But NIOSH’s latest data, obtained by Quartz, paints a clearer picture of the scope of the problem.

The latest data shows that in 2014, the largest number of occupational fatalities were at the manufacturing sector (15,716), followed by the service sector (8,735), and manufacturing related (4,732).

The data also shows that the largest percentage of those fatalities were due to a fall in the number and quality of respirators worn by workers, and that the number is growing each year.

According to the latest data from NIOSH, there were 2,890 fatalities in 2014 due to NIOSH-reported occupational exposures.

Of those, 6,534 (65.4 percent) were attributable to the fall in masks worn by NIOSH workers.

The data also includes the number in 2014-2015 of workers who had NIOSH safety alerts, which means that NIOSH determined that workers had been exposed to the same NIOSH risk factors, as part of the standard occupational health and hazard assessment.

However, as Quartz points out, NIOSH says that « a number of factors could influence the number or severity of NIOSH employee reports of occupational mortality.

It could also be that workers are more likely to report a health event that has not been previously reported by NIOSH or that has received little attention or attention from the NIOSHP [National Occupational Health and Safety Survey]. »

According to a NIOSH spokesperson, « The NIOSH NIOSH Data is designed to inform, and help guide, public health decisions and actions by the Occupational Hazards Program.

While the data is collected and presented by NIHS, NIOSHS, and its staff, it does not represent the final position of the Occupation Hazards Programs. »

The NIOSHD released its own data on November 15th.

It also showed that in 2016, NIHS issued 4,813 safety alerts.

While this was a decrease from the previous year, the data also showed there was a huge jump in the amount of NIOSHA alerts issued.

This is not the first time that NIHS has released information about its data.

NIOSH previously reported on its data for 2015.

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