How to buy a Ferrari with a history of bad service, plus a hidden price tag of $200,000!

by Maroc Maroc CEO and founder of Maroc Marcin Karp, an independent software developer, recently shared that he was considering a purchase of a Ferrari after learning that the car was currently being serviced and was rated « excellent » by Ferrari.

This was despite the fact that the cars service manual states that the « engine is out of tune, and the suspension is in need of repair. »

The company also says that « the car is not in good working order. »

Maroc says it has a list of Ferrari repair shops where its customers can go for free to have their cars serviced.

Maroc also recently launched a website where prospective buyers can get detailed reviews of the cars’ condition and quality.

« We’re always looking for customers who want to be part of our business, who want a fast, reliable and efficient service, who are happy with the car they’ve got, and who have the drive to get the car fixed, » Maroc co-founder Maroc Czyzyk told Business Insider.

« And we know that when you have such a large customer base, the average car is going to be a little bit under budget for repair.

So we have a very aggressive customer service policy that we take very seriously. »

He continued, « We have a lot of great customers and we want to serve them very well.

That’s why we’re looking for them to be happy with their cars.

If they’re not, then we can’t get them. »

The service manual for a new Ferrari says that the vehicle is « out of tune » and « shifting the engine and the transmission are both causing issues. »

The car is currently being maintained by Ferrari and a customer in Maroc’s list is willing to pay $200k for a Ferrari if Maroc is willing and able to pay for repairs.

If the customer is willing, Maroc can then arrange for the repairs to be carried out by a specialist.

It’s unclear if Ferrari’s owners will agree to this offer, or if Ferrari owners will simply want to take a gamble on getting the car serviced by someone who is a better value for their money.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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