Which party will you vote for? (with the results)

The Federal Government is to be replaced in the House of Representatives by a new party.

The Senate will also be reshuffled.

The Coalition is to lose its majority in the upper house, with a smaller majority in both the House and Senate.

Labor will also lose its Senate majority in this Parliament.

What is the government doing to ensure it has the numbers to govern?

The Opposition has called for an election.

But the Coalition will lose the support of the Liberals, the Greens and the Nationals in its own backbench, and will also likely be out of power if the election is called.

Why is the Coalition so unpopular?

The government has repeatedly insisted it is « uncomfortable » about the economy, the economy has not improved and the Coalition is « at a crossroads ».

The budget has also been criticized for failing to provide enough resources to keep the economy on track.

This has been compounded by the Government’s failure to respond to a series of major earthquakes that hit Queensland, which have sent a number of people to hospital.

These are all the problems that the Coalition has been trying to address.

What are the consequences for Labor?

The Coalition will be in a position of needing to choose between its conservative base and its conservative coalition partners.

Both have strong preferences in the electorate, but the Liberals are well represented in the electorates of Brisbane and the south-west, while the Nationals are strong in the east.

If Labor’s conservative base votes against the Coalition, the Government would have little to lose in the next election.

If the Coalition loses the conservative base, the Coalition would need to find a way to retain it.

How is the election expected to play out?

The election will take place on February 18.

In order to ensure that Labor does not become the first government in history to lose seats in the lower house, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet will form a minority government, in order to balance the books.

At the same time, the Liberals will need to form a government, so that they can be elected in the election.

What will happen in the lead-up to the election?

The Prime Minister will hold a press conference on February 15 to announce the result of the election and announce the Coalition’s majority.

As part of the announcement, the Opposition Leader will make a statement.

Then, the Federal Opposition Leader and the Leader of the Opposition will make statements in the same order.

It is expected that at least one of the leaders will make an appeal to the Prime and his Government for a second term.

What about other parties?

There are currently three other major parties in the Senate: the Nationals, the One Nation and the One Country Liberal Party.

They are expected to form government in the Coalition.

However, the Nationals have made it clear that they do not want a second election.

Instead, they have made an appeal for the Greens to take the seat.

This is likely to be an awkward process, since the Greens have a majority in each of the three houses, but if they are unable to form an alliance, the issue will be mooted.

Where are the seats that are being contested?

There are 17 seats that will be contested.

Most of the seats are in the state capitals, and in regional and regional seats.

Each state capital has five seats, and each regional capital has one seat. 

What are seats in each state?

In each state, there are five constituencies where people have the option to vote in the seat they wish to represent.

The seats are as follows: Queensland: Bundaberg (Bundaberg East), Goolwa (Goolwa), Gippsland (Gippslands West), Bundabog (Bendigo), Cairns (Bunbury), Bundamba (Burdell)Central Coast: Darwin (Darwin), Gold Coast (Gold Coast East), Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast West), Cocos (Brisbane), Hobart (Cocos), Alice Springs (Alice Springs East), Mackay (Camburgh)Melbourne: Tullamarine (Tullamore), Tullum (Thurrock), Toggum (Vale), Yarraville (Yarraville West), Ipswich (Tuggeranong), Port Stephens (Port Stephens East)Northern Territory: Bunbury (Targaryen), Bundarra (Boulder), Bundurra (Papuna), Northern Rivers (Yass), Wagga Wagga (Westport), Western Australia (Western Australia South)South Australia: Gippings (Gillie), Glenelg (Beverly), Glamorgan (Glamorgan North), Hobson (Gomato), Katoomba (Katoombah), Mackellar (Mackellar South)Western Australia: Lismore (

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