Le Parisien de la République au joueur de Paris – Découvrez de l’hôtel des mensanciers

Le Parisian de la Republique de Paris, La Délégonde de France, Le CGT, France’s State Pension Agency, France International Investment Fund and the Association of French Government Investment Funds have published the results of a survey that found a « great deal of confusion » around the nature of pensions in France.

The survey, conducted by the National Assembly’s Committee on Budget and Reform, was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs and surveyed a representative sample of 1,200 French citizens aged 18 and over from June 14 to August 16.

« This was a clear indication that the public is unsure about the current state of pension schemes, especially regarding the nature and amount of the pensions, » the poll found.

The Ipsos poll, published on Thursday, was commissioned by the association representing French pension funds.

The findings are based on an Ipsos survey conducted during the last three months of the year.

According to the Ipsos study, 77 per cent of French citizens (ages 18 to 74) say they would rather be on their own in retirement than working.

Only 37 per cent would prefer to work as a regular employee, while 31 per cent prefer to be employed by a company that pays them.

« For some people, it is hard to understand the concept of pensions, » Philippe Despeaux, the head of Ipsos, told France Info.

« Many people think that they will receive a pension at the end of their working life.

They think of their retirement as a retirement for life.

That is what we find. »

The survey also found that the majority of respondents (55 per cent) would prefer the pensions of French workers to be fixed at a level equivalent to a retirement at a French workplace.

However, when asked how they would feel if a French worker received an additional payment after they had retired, only 43 per cent thought they would be happy with the result.

« The question is how would the French worker feel if the new payments were not in line with their previous retirement, » Despeaus told France info.

The poll also revealed that 76 per cent agreed that the state should « invest » more money into pensions, while only 26 per cent were in favour of « investing » money into the economy.

« When it comes to the government, they seem to have a very good idea about what is happening in the country.

This has created confusion, » Despaux said.

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