Oracle says it will leave the Oracle Data platform, replacing its main database with a new data platform

Oracle says the company will no longer be building its own database.

It will instead use its new database to store applications.

The move follows an earlier announcement in April by Oracle that it would be buying DataBase, the company’s primary data storage platform.

The new platform, named AMOA, will be developed by Oracle’s Data Management unit, and will be used to store data from its products such as Java, Oracle Enterprise, Oracle Open Source, and Oracle Developer, and to help companies manage their data and workflows.

Oracle has long maintained that DataBase is not the best platform for Oracle to store its applications.

The company has previously said that it did not plan to use DataBase for its products.

The decision to use AMOA was a reflection of the need to make a fresh start for Oracle after a difficult period of consolidation in recent years, according to Oracle.

The acquisition of DataBase by Oracle, a deal valued at $1.8 billion, is the latest move by the company to improve its IT infrastructure and focus on its core business, said Chris Wilson, vice president of Oracle’s cloud computing and data services group.

Wilson said Oracle’s data-storage infrastructure is currently a « small part » of its total IT infrastructure, but that the company was going to use the AMOA platform to better serve its customers.

He said AMOA is a new way to store the applications that are used in Oracle Enterprise and Oracle Open source, and that it provides « a better solution for companies » to store their applications.

Oracle said that AMOA will have a number of features, including a unified data architecture, a unified database and a unified interface.

The company also plans to move to using its new data architecture to better integrate its business applications with Oracle’s other data-storing products, including Oracle Business Suite and Oracle Analytics, which are used by Oracle Enterprise.

Wilson told a conference call with analysts on Wednesday that AMO would be available as of November 1.

He did not elaborate on the time frame for its launch.

Wilson also noted that AMAO is the third major Oracle-based platform to adopt AMOA.

The first two were DataBase and DataBase Plus, which Oracle acquired in 2013.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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