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The latest from National Review: ‘You’re the most popular person on the planet’ article The Washington Post has published an article by Andrew Sullivan that claims that the current president is more popular than President Trump, despite the fact that the president’s approval ratings are at historic lows.

Sullivan, a longtime Trump critic, has written a column for the Post that has been viewed nearly 4 million times since being published in May.

In the piece, he argues that the low approval ratings of Trump’s administration and the lack of positive media coverage have contributed to a general « negative mood » among the American people.

According to Sullivan, the president and the Republican Congress have « sucked the air out of our country » by not passing the health care law and failing to deliver on the promise of a new tax cut.

« You’re going to see a big increase in negative sentiment, » Sullivan writes.

« As a result, it’s going to lead to a lot of people in Congress who are going to start thinking about what they should do in terms of the next legislative push, and the next election. »

Sullivan goes on to say that Trump’s approval rating is « very, very low » and that there is « zero chance » of him returning to the presidency.

But Sullivan does not address the fact, discussed in a September 2016 interview with the National Review, that the majority of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, support the president, or that his approval ratings have fallen to historic lows and are currently below their pre-recession peaks.

While the Post article is critical of the president for not being able to fulfill his campaign promises and for his failure to deliver, it also appears to be a way for the paper to try to convince readers that Trump has not only failed to meet his own high standards, but also that he is the least popular president in American history.

« I think it’s important for people to understand that this is not the Trump of a decade ago, » said former White House press secretary Mark Fabiani, a senior fellow at the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress.

« This is the Trump who ran for office, who ran against a popular and popular president, who campaigned against the idea of amnesty, who fought against the Affordable Care Act, who opposed the Affordable Medicare, who voted against the Paris climate agreement, who called climate change a hoax, who was against the Iran deal.

And the kind that people are voting for is someone who is not going to put Americans first and be beholden to special interests. » « 

We don’t want to elect the next George Wallace or George W. Bush.

And the kind that people are voting for is someone who is not going to put Americans first and be beholden to special interests. »

It’s worth noting that the Post did not publish a story about the president last year.

The paper did, however, publish a column by former White, House, and now Republican senator and 2016 presidential candidate Joni Ernst that detailed her struggles in a bid to secure a Senate seat in Iowa.

According the article, Ernst « spent months campaigning for a Senate race, but only had her name on the ballot after it was reported that her campaign had raised and spent tens of thousands of dollars on the race, including $1.4 million from an antiabortion group.

Ernst had also been criticized for a failed attempt to get her name onto the ballot in 2016, when she failed to get enough signatures to qualify.

It was also reported that Ernst had raised $3 million for her campaign, though she later acknowledged the money had not been spent.

The article also highlighted a 2012 campaign Ernst ran for U.S. Senate, which she lost.

The Post article, however did not mention the 2016 presidential race, nor did it address the issue of Trump being more popular today than in his first year in office.

The 2016 election was also the last election for which Gallup has released a poll.

Gallup’s average of all polls in the 2016 election cycle shows Trump at 46 percent approval, which is the lowest Gallup has recorded for Trump in the entire history of the survey.

But Gallup does not publish the full data on how many people say they approve of Trump, or the number of people who say they disapprove of him.

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Bump also wrote about the issue in a column that ran last month.

« There are still people who have a strong dislike of him, and those people have a net disapproval rating of 54 percent, the lowest in Gallup’s history. » « 

Trump has the lowest net approval rating since he took office, and it’s still very high compared to the rest of the country, » Bump wrote.

« There are still people who have a strong dislike of him, and those people have a net disapproval rating of 54 percent, the lowest in Gallup’s history. »

The Washington Times also reported on the Trump approval rating in a story published on Monday.

« If Trump is to have a better chance of getting reelected in November, the only thing he needs is to get people to give him a positive rating, » the

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