How to avoid the ‘lifestyle’ faux pas that has ruined the lives of millions of men

Décisenel is the name of the most popular brand in France, and its a name which, it seems, is being thrown around a lot in France.

So much so that, to celebrate the new edition of the popular men’s fashion magazine, L’Oreal, French fashion giant L’Oréal has launched a campaign aimed at giving women a bit of advice on how to avoid faux pas.

This week, the brand released a new ad which highlights the many ways in which men can go wrong when they buy a dress.

It shows a woman wearing a dress in a crowded public market, and one man, standing at the other end of the aisle, wearing the same dress.

The man then walks towards the woman and takes her hand, saying « Décisionlle, » which means « don’t be that guy ».

« Déciselle » is a French term for « don, don’t be a guy ».

The ad has become something of a Twitter sensation and prompted many men to share their thoughts on the matter.

It’s rude. » « 

Don’t be the guy.

It’s rude. »

« The guy is supposed to act like a gentleman, but in the end, you’re just a woman. »

« I don’t understand why a man who wants to wear a dress should do it in front of women.

This is an important moment in his life, so it’s not his fault. »

« If a man wears the same outfit twice, he should do a bit more research on the style before he buys. »

« Women have the right to wear whatever they want, however they want to wear it. »

« Why don’t you get a little bit of help from a friend? »

« Don’t do this!

Don’t do that!

Don the same clothes! »

« We’re not talking about fashion, this is the world of real men. »

« We have to change the way we live our lives, this isn’t about fashion. »

Some people even went so far as to suggest that the ad could be seen as an attack on men.

« D’accord la douche, » said one Twitter user.

« We’re living in a country where women can’t wear whatever suits them and men can’t do what they want. »

« It’s a perfect example of the way the French media treats men, » added another.

« You don’t see this kind of thing on the streets.

Why are you so upset? »

« I don´t understand.

I’m just a girl, and if this happens, I don’t have to feel ashamed. »

But not everyone is convinced that the campaign is an attack.

« I just see a man, I think he’s acting like a man, » said another Twitter user, adding: « Don´t be a man. »

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