‘You’ve got to make the leap’ in the tech world to be successful: Mark Zuckerberg

The tech industry, once a global powerhouse, is now largely a male-dominated one.

And the tech industry is now struggling to diversify beyond the traditional men-dominated fields of engineering, product management and product design.

That’s led to a new breed of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the Valley, a movement that’s growing in both numbers and diversity.

The new breed includes Mark Zuckerberg, the cofounder of Facebook, and Mark Cuban, the billionaire founder of Cuban Enterprises, a venture capital firm.

But in the past year, the tech business has been on a collision course with the cultural norms that it must adapt to in order to survive.

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Read more: Read the original articleOn a recent morning, Zuckerberg, Cuban and their partners walked through the door of their offices in the San Francisco Bay Area’s tech hub, Palo Alto.

At the center of the meeting was a stack of books, stacked to the ceiling, containing the works of three different men: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

A small crowd of admirers gathered around them, holding signs, taking selfies and posing for photos with Zuckerberg and Cuban.

At first glance, the meeting looked like a normal tech-industry event: a group of tech leaders from around the world mingling with each other in a way that’s usually reserved for family dinners.

The conversation was brief and the guests largely ignored Zuckerberg, who is the most visible face of the nascent new Silicon Valley.

But the men were speaking in a different way.

Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and the co-founder of the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp, a messaging service, sat in a leather armchair on a couch next to Cuban.

He had a thick, bespectacled face, and he spoke quickly, his eyes lit up and his mouth quirked.

He spoke with a voice that was not unlike that of a teenager who has just learned to speak fluently.

The three men spoke in a language that was so foreign to the rest of the tech-business world that the men could not quite understand each other’s questions.

For the most part, the conversation was focused on the future of the technology business and the need for changes in the way technology is used in the future.

But, at times, it also was a conversation about how the world is changing and what is changing about it.

« The world is moving so quickly that there’s a need for a lot of disruption, » Cuban said.

« I’ve been around the tech scene for 15 years and I think that’s something we’re going to need to take into account.

I think we need to think about where the new technology is going to be going to affect us and where we want to take the technology in the next 10 years. »

Cuban, Zuckerberg and Zuckerberg spoke in Spanish, but the three men all spoke English fluently with a level of fluency that could not be detected.

In fact, the only other two people who spoke Spanish were the tech executives from the tech giants.

Zuckerberg and the others spoke in their native languages.

As the group talked, the three of them looked at each other and then at the wall behind them.

At that point, Zuckerberg turned to Cuban and said, « I just want to thank you for your time. »

The three men were all on the same page in the room.

Zuckerberg, at least, had been there before.

The Facebook cofounder has been a vocal advocate of open borders in the United States, and Cuban and Zuckerberg have worked to open up the Valley to immigrants from all over the world.

As a result, Zuckerberg told Cuban that he believed that immigrants were a key part of the future success of the Valley.

« We want to see more and more people who are able to come into the Valley, » Zuckerberg said.

He also mentioned the need to expand the number of immigrants in the valley.

Zuckerberg was referring to an upcoming report that will be released by the Valley Leadership Institute, an organization of leaders in Silicon Valley that is looking at ways to help the Valley adapt to the changing world of immigration.

The report is titled, « In the Age of Trump: How to Get Ahead in the Age Of Trump, » and it is a report that seeks to explore the ways that the tech and technology-business worlds can collaborate to advance the causes of social justice, environmental sustainability, racial equality and other issues that Zuckerberg and Castro see as part of a growing diversity of perspectives in the business world.

The Valley’s tech leaders, Cuban said, have an opportunity to make a difference.

« The way to make this happen is to have an inclusive culture and to take that opportunity, » he said.

Cuban and his colleagues are trying to find ways to do that.

He said that the Valley leadership institute is focused on creating a culture that is welcoming and inclusive of all different backgrounds.

And he wants the Valley’s leaders to embrace the diversity that is happening in the broader world of technology.

The valley leaders, for

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