The most difficult question to answer with the new season of The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby Union World Cup is one of the most important tournaments in the sport’s history.

So when the Rugby World Series returns to Australia on February 12, we’re going to ask it all the hard questions.

We want to know: Who is the best team in the world?

Who is playing in the tournament?

Who are the best players in the World Cup?

Who will the best men’s side be?

And what are the most exciting games on the big screen? 

To answer these questions we’ll look at how each side has played in the past.

What was the best side? 

Who is the greatest?

What were the best moments? 

In this column we’ll give you our top 10, with our own favourites and our thoughts on how each team has played so far.

Rugby World Series: 10 Best Team-Selections The biggest surprise this season has been the emergence of a new crop of teams in the top ten. 

A look at the top 10 teams by the score of each Test match since the World Series began: England (20 points) Australia (21 points) South Africa (17 points) New Zealand (15 points) France (14 points) Scotland (11 points) Ireland (10 points) Australia (9 points) England (9.5 points) Japan (7.5) South Africa (6.5)*The New Zealand side is the only team to have won a tournament since it was formed in 2007.

It’s also the only side to have made the World Top 14 in each of the past three editions. 

The Australian side has made the final four of the World Cups in the last three years and will play at home for the first time since 2006. 

In the final, the hosts will face a team which is still very much in form, having won two straight Tests. 

Scotland has not made it past the group stage of the Rugby Championship since 2009 and has not reached the final of a World Cup since 2010. 

France has been an excellent team in 2017 and is now one of just two teams to have beaten South Africa in the quarter-finals of the tournament. 

Japan has been a revelation in 2018. 

They won their last four matches and are unbeaten in all but one match in their last 10 matches. 

South African has become one of Rugby World’s most consistent teams, and has a World Top 20 team in their ranks. 

Canada has made it to the final two World Cups. 

But they have only played once in the final three rounds of the competition, in 2015, and have never won a World Championship. 

*These teams have been grouped together by the World Rugby rankings. 

There are only two teams in this group with the same points difference.

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